Microflame Misc.

Microweld Hose
  • Microweld Hose

    Microweld Hose

  • Washers / O Rings

    Washers / O Rings

  • Microflame Cell Cap

    Microflame Cell Cap

  • Cell Gasket

    Cell Gasket

  • Microflame Mains Switch

    Microflame Mains Switch

  • Microflame Two Torch Adaptor

    Microflame Two Torch Adaptor

  • Sight Tube

    Sight Tube

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Refcode, Desc Price
TMIH Microweld Hose
TMFPT Sight Tube - 8mm
TMFST Sight Tube - 10mm
TMWTC Microflame Two Torch Adaptor
TMWCG4 Cell Gasket - 4
TMWCG5 Cell Gasket - 5
TMWCC Microflame Cell Cap
TMFFW Flat washer
TMFPW Polo washer
TMWMS Microflame Mains Switch
TTOR Microflame Washers