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Customers who register for an account will have access to 24hr live accurate pricing, an incredibly useful tool for calculating quotes for your customers.

Additionally, you will be able to place orders online for next day delivery (Must be ordered before 3:00pm Monday - Friday).

Note: This registration is for a website account only and not a financial credit account as offered instore.

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For the protection of our customers and the Jewellery Trade itself, we maintain a strict "Trade Only" policy, to uphold this, we need to verify the eligibility of all of our online registrants.

Therefore, all online registrations will be manually checked by a member of staff to verify that all customers have a legitimate role within the jewellery trade.

To ensure unrestricted access to our website, please complete as many details as possible, particularly you Company Name, Account Number and Trade References.

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Additionally, we have a "Help" page further addressing some of the frequently asked questions by customers.

If you are still in need of help, please contact us via email at , or phone us on 020 7404 5762.


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