Borax and Flux

Borax Dish
  • Borax Dish

    Borax Dish

  • Auflux Soldering Flux

    Auflux Soldering Flux

  • Borax Brushes

    Borax Brushes

  • Flux


  • Borax Powder

    Borax Powder

  • Borax Cone

    Borax Cone

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Refcode, Desc Price
TA100 Auflux - 100ml
TA250 Auflux - 250ml
TA500 Auflux - 500ml
TBB0 Borax Brush - Size 0
TBB1 Borax Brush - Size 1
TBB2 Borax Brush - Size 2
TBB3 Borax Brush - Size 3
TBC Borax Cone
TBODB Borax Dish
TBOR Borax Powder
TEF250 Flux Powder - 250g
TEF500 Flux Powder - 500g