Two Hole Beads

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Refcode, Desc Price
FSRP25-10 2.5mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP3-10 3mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP4-10 4mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP5-10 5mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP6-10 6mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP7-10 7mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP8-10 8mm Ø - 10 Pieces
FSRP25 2.5mm
FSRP3 3mm
FSRP4 4mm
FSRP5 5mm
FSRP6 6mm
FSRP7 7mm
FSRP8 8mm
FSRP10 10mm

9ct Yellow Gold

Refcode, Desc Price
F9RP25 2.5mm
F9RP3 3mm
F9RP4 4mm
F9RP5 5mm
F9RP6 6mm