Chain Ends / Saddles

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18ct White Gold

Refcode, Desc Price
F18WCE5 Rounded - 5mm (W)

9ct Yellow Gold

Refcode, Desc Price
F9CE3 Rounded - 3mm (W)
F9CE5 Rounded - 5mm (W)
F9CE7 Rounded - 7mm (W)
F9CE9 Rounded - 9mm (W)


Refcode, Desc Price
FSCE3 Rounded - 3mm (W)
FSCE3-10 Rounded - 3mm (W) - 10 Pieces
FSCE5 Rounded - 5mm (W)
FSCE5-10 Rounded - 5mm (W) - 10 Pieces
FSCE7 Rounded - 7mm (W)
FSCE7-10 Rounded - 7mm (W) - 10 Pieces