Electromelt Furnace
  • Electromelt Furnace

    Electromelt Furnace

  • Electromelt Crucible Tongs

    Electromelt Crucible Tongs

  • Electromelt Stirring Rod

    Electromelt Stirring Rod

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Refcode, Desc Price
TEMQR Electromelt Stirring Rod


Refcode, Desc Price
TEMC Spare Crucible - 1kg
TEMC2 Spare Crucible - 2kg
TEMC3 Spare Crucible - 3kg
TEMCP Electromelt Crucible Tongs
TEMF Complete Kit - 1kg
TEMF2 Complete Kit - 2kg
TEMF3 Complete Kit - 3kg
TEMGR Electromelt Quartz Stirring Rod