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Precious Cleaner
  • Precious Cleaner

    Precious Cleaner

  • Silver Detarn

    Silver Detarn

  • Silver Cleaner

    Silver Cleaner

  • Diamond Dazzle Stick

    Diamond Dazzle Stick

  • Silver Polishing Cloth

    Silver Polishing Cloth

  • Jewellery Wipes

    Jewellery Wipes

  • Gold Polishing Cloth

    Gold Polishing Cloth

  • Dazzle Drops

    Dazzle Drops

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Refcode, Desc Price
TCON1053 Diamond Dazzle Stick - 1.5ml
TCON1060-6 Dazzle Drops Cleanser - 30ml
TCON1061-6 Dazzle Drops Silver Detarn - 30ml
TCON738 Gold Polishing Cloth
TCON739 Silver Polishing Cloth
TCON772 Precious Cleaner - 236ml
TCON773 Silver Cleaner - 236ml
TCON776 Jewellery Wipes x 25