9W / Y, Flat Court Shape 2 Colour Euro Wed - 8.0 mm

Reference: 40429WY8

The alloys listed below describe the main / inlay colour of the Wedding Ring. For example, 4042YW6 (pictured) is under 18ct Yellow / White, and is a Yellow band with a White inlay. The reverse of the pictured Wedding Ring would be 4042WY6 - 18ct White / Yellow, a White band with a Yellow inlay.

This item is manufactured to order within 3-4 weeks.

4042 Two Colour Wedding Rings

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Platinum / 18ct Yellow

Refcode, Desc Price
4042PY4 4.0 mm
4042PY5 5.0 mm
4042PY6 6.0 mm
4042PY8 8.0 mm

Platinum / 18ct Red

Refcode, Desc Price
4042PR4 4.0 mm
4042PR5 5.0 mm
4042PR6 6.0 mm
4042PR8 8.0 mm

18ct White / Yellow

Refcode, Desc Price
4042WY4 4.0 mm
4042WY5 5.0 mm
4042WY6 6.0 mm
4042WY8 8.0 mm

18ct White / Red

Refcode, Desc Price
4042WR4 4.0 mm
4042WR5 5.0 mm
4042WR6 6.0 mm
4042WR8 8.0 mm

18ct Yellow / Platinum

Refcode, Desc Price
4042YP4 4.0 mm
4042YP5 5.0 mm
4042YP6 6.0 mm
4042YP8 8.0 mm

18ct Yellow / White

Refcode, Desc Price
4042YW4 4.0 mm
4042YW5 5.0 mm
4042YW6 6.0 mm
4042YW8 8.0 mm

18ct Yellow / Red

Refcode, Desc Price
4042YR4 4.0 mm
4042YR5 5.0 mm
4042YR6 6.0 mm
4042YR8 8.0 mm

18ct Red / Platinum

Refcode, Desc Price
4042RP4 4.0 mm
4042RP5 5.0 mm
4042RP6 6.0 mm
4042RP8 8.0 mm

18ct Red / White

Refcode, Desc Price
4042RW4 4.0 mm
4042RW5 5.0 mm
4042RW6 6.0 mm
4042RW8 8.0 mm

18ct Red / Yellow

Refcode, Desc Price
4042RY4 4.0 mm
4042RY5 5.0 mm
4042RY6 6.0 mm
4042RY8 8.0 mm

9ct White / Yellow

Refcode, Desc Price
40429WY4 4.0 mm
40429WY5 5.0 mm
40429WY6 6.0 mm
40429WY8 8.0 mm

9ct White / Red

Refcode, Desc Price
40429WR4 4.0 mm
40429WR5 5.0 mm
40429WR6 6.0 mm
40429WR8 8.0 mm

9ct Yellow / White

Refcode, Desc Price
40429YW4 4.0 mm
40429YW5 5.0 mm
40429YW6 6.0 mm
40429YW8 8.0 mm

9ct Yellow / Red

Refcode, Desc Price
40429YR4 4.0 mm
40429YR5 5.0 mm
40429YR6 6.0 mm
40429YR8 8.0 mm

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Category: Wedding Bands
Style Type: Flat Court Shape Profile
Pattern Design: 2 Colour
Alloy: 9ct White / Yellow
Range: Euro Weds

Item Specification

Gauge / Width: 8.0 mm
Guide Weight: 11.00g

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TNT Parcels dispatched to anywhere else in the world should be allowed up to 5 working days for delivery.

As this item is manufactured to order, it will not be considered for return or refund.