18W, Stone Set Eternity Rings,
Round Cut Four Claw

Reference: WETZ001


Set Stone Details

Diamond Round / Brilliant Cut - Var mm: 0.5ct. x 15

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Refcode, Desc Price
PETZ001 x15 Dia, 0.50ct
PETZ003 x13 Dia, 0.75ct
PETZ005 x17 Dia, 0.32ct

18ct White Gold

Refcode, Desc Price
WETZ001 x15 Dia, 0.50ct
WETZ001E x8 Dia, 0.27ct / x7 Emerald, 0.22ct
WETZ001R x8 Dia, 0.27ct / x7 Ruby, 0.27ct
WETZ001S x8 Dia, 0.27ct / x7 Sapphire, 0.27ct
WETZ002 x21 Dia, 0.25ct
WETZ002E x11 Dia, 0.13ct / x10 Emerald, 0.13ct
WETZ002R x11 Dia, 0.13ct / x10 Ruby, 0.15ct
WETZ002S x11 Dia, 0.13ct / x10 Sapphire, 0.15ct
WETZ003 x13 Dia, 0.75ct
WETZ005 x17 Dia, 0.32ct
WETZ007 x25 Dia, 0.15ct
WETZ008 x29 Dia, 0.11ct

18ct Yellow Gold

Refcode, Desc Price
YETZ001 x15 Dia, 0.50ct
YETZ002 x21 Dia, 0.25ct
YETZ005 x17 Dia, 0.32ct
YETZ007 x25 Dia, 0.15ct
YETZ008 x29 Dia, 0.11ct

18ct Red Gold

Refcode, Desc Price
RETZ001 x15 Dia, 0.50ct
RETZ002 x21 Dia, 0.25ct
RETZ005 x17 Dia, 0.32ct
RETZ007 x25 Dia, 0.15ct
RETZ008 x29 Dia, 0.11ct

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Category: Rings
Style Type: Eternity Rings
Alloy: 18ct White Gold
Range: Stone Set Eternity Rings

Item Specification

Shank Profile: D-Shape
Shank Style: Rounded Shoulder
Setting Claw Type: Four Claw
Setting Style: Base Bezel
Guide Weight: 2.93g

Stone Specification

Stone Type: Diamond
Stone Quantity: Fully Pre-Set
Stone Shape: Round / Brilliant Cut
Stone Description: x15 Dia, 0.50ct

Set Stone Details

Diamond Round / Brilliant Cut - Var mm: 0.5ct. x 15

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